Transforming patent litigation evidence management and analysis solutions

Over the past 25 years, we have worked on more than 500 patent infringement cases. We have been part of hard-working, brilliant teams that delivered exceptional results. We’ve also been through devastating verdicts alongside them. Our team always wondered if the same results could have been achieved more efficiently and at a lower personal cost for team members, regardless of the outcome. Patent litigation is a challenging process for everyone on the team.

Consequently, we began exploring ways to help our clients…on how to make the process easier, the road smoother. Our earliest efforts involved creating custom litigation analysis and management software for our clients. After using the software in a few cases, the Chief IP Counsel of a large, respected company observed a drastic difference in preparedness when litigation teams used the software. In response to this feedback, we developed a more robust version to offer our customers. Aiming to help patent infringement teams accomplish desired results more efficiently, LitAgility was established.

During the software development process, we realized that our software must be intuitive, simple, and provide immediate efficiency. We know that most of our clients don’t have time to master complex new tools and software. Achieving simplicity and intuitiveness in software is difficult. Understanding work processes and expected outputs at various stages is the only way to achieve simplicity. With our extensive experience supporting patent litigation, we realized we could help our clients even more by incorporating machine learning. In 2020, we joined forces with SciTech Patent Art Services, a company that specializes in patent analytics. Together, we have a portfolio of products and services that will benefit our clients in litigating patent disputes.

As patent litigation becomes more demanding, we aim to help your team focus on strategy and evidence while executing daily tasks with increased efficiency, effectiveness, and by reducing the time spent on reoccurring tasks. Our clients find this liberating. We measure success by providing quality outcomes for our clients while improving work-life balance. Let us show you what we’re capable of, and you won’t be disappointed.