For Corporate Counsel, BridgeIndex™ and BridgeIP™ mean fewer surprises, reduced risk, and peace of mind.

Review your internal and external team’s analysis to understand your case status and determine next steps. Assess the merits of your case efficiently by reviewing the team’s work. Ensure the arguments are understandable and persuasive throughout the case.

No more waiting to find out the status of your case. Access and review all relevant case information (non-protective order) anytime, anywhere. Having reviewed the evidence and attorney arguments, scheduled updates can be shorter and more focused on strategy.

Access and transparency allow you to stay up to date on the case. By doing so, you can provide better, unbiased guidance to the General Counsel. 


Key features

  • 1

Anytime, anywhere access to case status, non-protective order evidence and attorney argument

  • 2

Efficient and effective evidence analysis in side-by-side format against the claim’s elements

  • 3

Immediate access to the other side’s evidence for risk evaluation

  • 4

Seamless collaboration with team members and experts, present and remote

  • 5

A single click exports claim construction, infringement and validity charts to MS Word and PowerPoint

  • 6

Find, analyze and chart evidence in a small fraction of the time you’re spending now

How LitAgility helps teams at each stage of a case

The LitAgility Advantage

Reduce Risk
We make it easy for your trial lawyer to efficiently provide oversight, direction, and tactical planning. Our software and services are designed specifically to meet the unique needs and workflows of patent litigation.
Accelerate Insights
Initial analyses can be performed quickly to understand infringement or invalidity. Our software and services help make sure the arguments are understandable and persuasive, reducing surprises. This makes it easier to weigh in early on key trade-offs and decide whether to proceed.
Improve Outcomes
The stakes of patent litigation are high. Our goal is to help your team focus on strategy and evidence while executing daily tasks more efficiently, effectively, and by reducing the number of repetitive tasks. Efficiency tools improve internal and external productivity by reducing turnaround times, unnecessary rework, and exporting evidence to templated charts or slides.

“LitAgility’s software helps me management risk and the inefficiencies associated with the delivery of legal services.”

– Assistant General Counsel