Case Analysis and Evidence Management

Stories are the single most potent weapon in a trial attorney’s arsenal. As themes and arguments are formulated early for use in settlement or trial, BridgeIPᵀᴹ provides a centralized case analysis and evidence management platform. Contextually organize, manage, and analyze evidence from both parties with explicit disclosures by patent and claim element.

Designed for patent litigation, BridgeIPᵀᴹ provides an intuitive side-by-side layout for organizing and comparing evidence to the text in a claim, making it easy to determine the burden of proof and how persuasive the explicit disclosure is. Citations are hyperlinked to the source documents in the application library, making review and analysis easy.

Use BridgeIPᵀᴹ for strategizing or making informed decisions. Who to depose, what to ask, and what additional written discovery is needed. You can export data to templated charts in common court-ready formats seamlessly, eliminating repetitive tasks and saving time.

Key features

  • 1

Centralized evidence management to enhance case outcomes

  • 2

Evidence presented contextually by claim in a judicial courtroom format

  • 3

Evidence citations hyperlinked to a source document for easy access and review

  • 4

Effortless evidence loading with automated and hyperlinked column and line citations

  • 5

One-click export to build charts and slides in common templated formats

  • 6

Side-by-side layout to annotate, compare and organize evidence for both parties

Learn how BridgeIP helps teams at each stage in lifecycle of a case

Why BridgeIP

Reduce Risk
At all times during the litigation process, assess risk objectively by weighing the opposing party's arguments against your own to understand your case's strengths and weaknesses.
Work smarter, not harder
Having easy access to all case information allows you to collaborate on ideas, reduce surprises, onboard new team members, or hold meetings with clients, experts, and internal stakeholders. Built-in efficiency tools make it easy to load, analyze, organize, and export evidence into templated chart formats.
Improve outcomes
Working up a case for settlement or trial, BridgeIP makes it easy to provide direction, memorialize decisions, and reduce rework. This way you try the case you want, not the case you are left with after discovery closes.

” I worked with the LitAgility team and used their software on all my cases, big and small, for the last five years before I retired. I’m big on process, organization, early preparation and full transparency within my team, and my client. LitAgility’s software helped me do that. “

– Dave Dolkas
Trial Lawyer (ret.), former Head of IP Group, Silicon Valley, McDermott Will & Emery;
author: “MAP a Complex Case: a guide for Managing, Analyzing, and Presenting a high-risk case.”