Intelligent Evidence Analysis

BridgeIndex™ is an AI-powered digital assistant that streamlines the evidence discovery process by up to 80%

Our closed system allows you to seamlessly evaluate extracted evidence from loaded references against claim elements, presented in a courtroom-ready format. Prioritize unequivocal arguments and gain deep insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your case. BridgeIndex™ elevates productivity and safeguards against overlooking critical evidence, reducing litigation risk.

In just a few clicks, you can modify criteria, e.g., parse claims, include keywords, synonyms, and refine results. This workflow also provides a feedback loop which makes the review process flow even faster with each iteration.

Results for construction, infringement, or invalidity can be exported to templated charts or imported directly into BridgeIP™ analysis and evidence management software

Key features

  • 1

Fast and efficient review of identified evidence by clicking on the citation to open the source document with the highlighted evidence

  • 2

One-click export to export charts common formats in MS Office products

  • 3

Auto-citation of passages in patent documents

  • 4

Ability to handle low quality OCR documents.

  • 5

Ability to parse not only text but also tables, figures, and diagrams

Learn how BridgeIndex helps teams at each stage in lifecycle of a case

Why BridgeIndex

Accelerate analysis
Easily move from discovery to finding, reviewing, and charting evidence to meet your burden. Even upload and review the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing party’s charts and evidence by claim element.
Produce better results, consistently
Efficiently conduct infringement/non-infringement, validity/invalidity evidence analysis based on the criteria inputs you provide – even prepare for a deposition after documents get dropped at the last possible hour.
Reduce repetitive manual work
Identify evidence for claims from hundreds of documents quickly and efficiently using an AI-powered, intelligent assistant. Leave no stone unturned and free up time for review and final analysis.

“My teams have used earlier versions on multiple cases and we are currently using the newest one. It’s a great platform to manage my cases, my teams, and communicate with my clients.”

– Jeffrey Gargano
Trial Lawyer, K&L Gates