LitAgility Service-venueSearch

We look beyond the surface internet for public information that is not well indexed or prioritized for your needs.

What is a deep web search?

VenueSearch is an AI-driven, iterative search that deep crawls the web to extract essentially invisible data not indexed by standard search engines. Our proprietary tool has been used successfully in many high-value infringement and invalidity searches. We are now leveraging this tool to provide VenueSearch services.

How does VenueSearch help?

VenueSearch, identifies defendant personnel in the jurisdiction associated with accused products and technologies. Our service typically identifies at least 50-100% more results than standard web searches. The results can be the difference between staying in your chosen venue and being transferred. We document the person’s role, location, association with the accused products and services, and source of information.

VenueSearch Process


Report format and turnaround time

VenueSearch provides you with results in Excel report format within 5-7 days, detailing names, locations, relevance, etc.

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Client Testimonials

Change of venue motions can be consequential, even though venue identification isn’t the most exciting legal topic. The venue determines who serves on a jury in a jury trial, so the motion of transfer can have a significant impact on the case’s outcome. Depending on the facts and the parties involved, a particular venue may be advantageous or disadvantageous for the case. The cost of litigating can also be affected by a change of venue in terms of schedule and convenience.

In a patent infringement case, more than one venue may be available, so it is important to compare options. A properly supported venue choice can be vigorously defended.

Prior to accepting a project, LitAgility may run a conflict-of-interest check.