Focus on what matters most to the case

We recognize that recurring tasks waste time and create inefficiency. Time that could be spent on analysis or other meaningful work on the case. BridgeIndex™ and BridgeIP™ are evidence analysis and strategy tools designed for patent litigators. Together, they reduce the time you spend reviewing relevant documents and identifying and organizing evidence.


BridgeIndex™ – Intelligent Evidence Identification

LitAgility’s AI-powered digital assistant addresses time-consuming bottlenecks. In a fraction of the time it normally takes, BridgeIndex identifies evidence by claim element using algorithms with attorney input. This allows you and your team to focus on the most compelling evidence. Results can be exported to standard charts or mapped directly into BridgeIP™.

Delivering equal or greater results with fewer resources is the key to success today. BridgeIndex™ provides the tools to do so.

BridgeIP™ – Case & Evidence Management

Managing evidence and understanding case status is easy with BridgeIP™. Quickly understand where the team stands from anywhere, anytime. You can easily provide your own analysis to the trial attorney and client. Using BridgeIP™, you can see not only your evidence, but also the opposing side’s evidence in a side-by-side format. Independently assess your case’s strengths and weaknesses. In team discussions, you will be prepared and focused. Instead of focusing on what’s been done, meetings can focus more on strengths, weaknesses, strategy, and next steps. This will strengthen your case. BridgeIP™ helps teams memorialize decisions, something that is especially with schedule gaps in the case. This helps reduce rework, or accelerate onboarding for new team members.

The process of objectively assessing your case, providing guidance, and assessing risk continues throughout the case. Using BridgeIP™ makes your job easier anytime, anywhere.

Key features

  • 1

Access all relevant case information – easily, intuitively, anytime, anywhere

  • 2

Find, analyze and chart evidence by claim element in a small fraction of the time you’re spending now

  • 3

Evaluate evidence, including the other side’s arguments with a courtroom perspective in a unique side-by-side layout

  • 4

Review evidence with simple, one-click access to the linked source document

  • 5

A single click exports claim construction, infringement and validity charts to MS Word and PowerPoint

  • 6

Use BridgeIP for internal and client update meetings and eliminate the time it takes to develop PowerPoint presentation decks

Learn how BridgeIP helps teams at each stage in lifecycle of a case

The LitAgility Advantage

Work smarter, not harder
Conduct a thorough analysis of infringement or invalidity - and even create charts in a fraction of the time. Utilizing our AI-powered evidence discovery module, you can leverage team expertise to develop compelling evidence that supports the key themes of the case. Additionally, you can load opposing counsel's charts and determine the strength of their evidence.
Simplify collaboration
Access to all information on the case allows you to share ideas, memorialize decisions, onboard newly appointed team members, hold meetings with the internal team, expert witnesses, or update the trial attorney. Analyze and evaluate your arguments against those of the opposing party easily.
Make life a little but easier
Patent litigation is a high-stakes battle. Through our software and services, you and your team can focus on strategy and evidence while executing your daily tasks more efficiently, effectively, and by reducing repetitive tasks. Utilize tools that simplify the process of loading, analyzing, organizing, and exporting evidence to templated chart and slide formats.

 “Easy to use tools that help us accomplish tasks better, faster and more thoroughly without all the nonsense.”

– Partner