LitAgility develops solutions that help teams improve outcomes and service delivery. They also improve the lives and well-being of associates doing day-to-day work on the case. By eliminating recurring administrative tasks that often take days or weeks, LitAgility’s BridgeIndex™ and BridgeIP™ software and services help you complete your tasks in a fraction of the time, more thoroughly, so you can direct your efforts towards meaningful work on the case – and you!

BridgeIndex™ – Intelligent Evidence Identification

LitAgility’s AI-powered digital assistant helps address time-consuming bottlenecks. Using algorithms and input from an attorney, BridgeIndex reviews documents to identify evidence by claim element in a fraction of the time it typically takes. This provides more time for you and your team to focus on the most compelling evidence to support your case. The results can be exported to standard charts or mapped directly into BridgeIP™ for ongoing use with the case.

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BridgeIP™ – Case Analysis & Evidence Management

Load, organize, manage, and analyze evidence and core topics from both parties contextually in a side-by-side judicial format. Access the workspace from anywhere, anytime, and upload or manage evidence with minimal effort. The days of scrolling through charts to edit are over. BridgeIP™’s evidence manager allows you to assign evidence to multiple claims, make local or global changes, and export in a flash. All this without the usual headaches.

Using the evidence loading feature, you can upload the opposing sides’ charts into BridgeIP™ to compare and review by claim element. This will enable you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and share this with your team and managing partner. BridgeIP™ makes it easy to memorialize decisions, especially useful during long hiatuses. This reduces rework and allows you to get up to speed faster.

Everything is in one centralized hub – no wasted time looking for stuff. That means less time spent searching for, sending or explaining things to your team members. No longer are you spending sleepless nights creating or editing preliminary evidence charts while juggling administrative tasks or dropping things for last-minute partner requests.

Key features

  • 1

Access all relevant case information – easily, intuitively, anytime, anywhere

  • 2

Find, analyze and chart evidence in a small fraction of the time you’re spending now – so you can spend time reviewing, refining and analyzing the results.

  • 3

Efficiency tools make it easy to upload and review the other side’s evidence for risk evaluation across all patents and claims in the case.

  • 4

Quickly load specification evidence that automatically cites to the column and line.

  • 5

A single click exports claim construction, infringement and invalidity charts and slides to templated chart and slide formats

Learn how BridgeIP helps teams at each stage in lifecycle of a case

The LitAgility Advantage

Improve work product
Conduct a thorough analysis of infringement or invalidity – even produce templated charts in a snap! Our AI-powered attorney-assistant helps review hundreds or thousands of documents for evidence discovery and in a fraction of the time it normally takes – providing more time for review and analysis. Utilize tools that simplify the process of loading, analyzing, and organizing evidence – or upload and use the AI-assistant to do a first pass evaluation of the strength of evidence in charts provided by opposing counsel.
Reduce rework and ramp-up time
With everything in one centralized place, we make it easy for teams to memorialize decisions, reduce rework, onboard new members of the team, or quickly ramp-up after a gap in the case schedule. Easy permissioned access to case information makes working with expert witnesses more efficient.
Make life a little bit easier
Patent litigation is a high-stakes battle. Through our software and services, you and your team can focus on strategy and evidence while executing your daily tasks more efficiently, effectively, and by reducing repetitive tasks. LitAgility makes it easy for you to review work, provide input, or strategize on an assignment, regardless of whether you're working together in the office or remotely.

“LitAgility helps make my life easier. The tools help me address the grind of low-level work and focus on bigger questions that demonstrate my expertise to others”.

– Associate