Subject matter experts and deep web search techniques to provide preliminary claim charts.​

LitAgility’s Product Search quickly and accurately reviews, analyzes, and charts evidence from publicly available data to uncover potential infringement, even where it is not immediately obvious. This allows you to assess the level of infringement more easily by a product or group of products and determine the proper course of action to take.

LitAgility’s technical experts conduct product searches to detect infringement. Typical product searches involve the following steps:

LitAgility Services Productsearch
  • Client shares asserted patents and details of the target companies and/or products
  • Technical experts study the patents, understand key features that need to be studied and identify sources where such information could be present
  • Search experts run deep web searches in identified sources. IT experts from LitAgility are typically involved in crawling and scraping of data from identified sources.
  • Reference information is downloaded and claim charts are developed

Publicly available information on the products is typically obtained from websites, product manuals, marketing literature, training materials, conference publications, regulatory websites where disclosure is mandatory and more relevant to the patent claims. Once information is extracted, detailed claim charts are prepared where claim elements are mapped against matching product features.

Client deliverables:

  • PowerPoint/Excel/Word report containing the claim charts
  • Cited references in pdf form
  • A contextual evidence claim chart in BridgeIndex if requested (additional charges may apply)
  • A finalized evidence claim chart in BridgeIP if available (additional charges may apply)


Comparison of product features with a claim

Element wise comparison: The claimed elements are compared to an existing product.

Why Product Search

Say goodbye to time-consuming searches
In a fraction of the time, LitAgility will conduct a deep web search for publicly available information on the target products.
Cutting-edge methods and expertise
Using our advanced algorithms, technical experts review results to uncover infringement, even when it’s not obvious.
Accurate and comprehensive results
Detailed claim charts are prepared where product features are mapped against the claims and elements in the patent.
Make informed decisions
Easily review and assess the level of infringement by a product or group of products and determine the proper course of action to take.