Larry Collins is a patent litigation expert and engineer who is re-engineering the IP litigation process. He’s also the Founder of LitAgility and he talks to Ian on this week’s Evolve the Law Podcast.

Larry Collins is 25 year patent litigation expert and engineer who is re-engineering the IP litigation process. As Founder and CEO of the legal tech company LitAgility, Larry has led the development of the LitAgility’s BridgeIP™ application that helps patent litigation teams organize, manage and use information to improve case outcomes and reduce client costs. Talk about a win win!

In this episode of the Evolve the Law Podcast, Larry and host Ian Connett (@QuantumJurist) discuss how Larry hit upon inefficiencies in the patent litigation process – and what he’s doing about them! Larry shares how being an engineer helps him think differently about the practice of law, the difference between convincing in the boardroom vs. winning in the courthouse, and why “Artificial Assistance” may become a new industry buzzword.

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Show Notes

  • The origin story of LitAgility – bringing the experience of over 400 patent cases to develop software to improve all aspects of the IP litigation process.
  • On law school vs. engineering school. How engineering school teaches you to solve problems differently. Asking about the law – “is this as inefficient as I think it is”?
  • The difference between getting “fired up” and actually changing your processes.
  • How BridgeIP™ can evaluate the strength of an IP cases, pre-filing.
  • Conference rooms vs. Courtrooms. The burden of proof vs. the burden of persuasion. Building software to allow lawyers and clients to see evidence the same way a Judge or Jury sees it.
  • Seeing more competitiveness in law – why transparency changes the game.
  • The importance of looking “beyond revenue” to finding profits through increasing efficiency.
  • How Larry went about ProductDev and future features of his software.
  • Aritifical Assistance vs. Artifical Intelligence – what is the better term?
  • The trouble of litigating complex IP cases with a jury of your peers (mostly lacking PHDs). Why dumbing things down makes everyone dumb -the importance of making cases simple and understandable.
  • How to learn more about LitAgility’s software and try it today!

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