We are delighted to share news about a partnership that will significantly improve patent litigation workflow, making it easier and less expensive for trial teams to achieve the results their clients expect.

We look forward to sharing updates on several exciting initiatives in the coming months.

Boston, USA & Hyderabad, India January 20, 2022:

We are delighted to announce a long-term partnership between LitAgility, Inc. and SciTech Patent Art (P) Limited. Together, we intend to harness our shared expertise to better serve clients in the US, EU, and Canada with more innovative IP litigation solutions that improve workflows for many time-consuming tasks.

Our companies share a relentless drive to make a difference for all the stakeholders involved in IP litigations. Productivity, transparency, and improving outcomes are the core drivers of BridgeIP’s initial success with litigating attorneys. We aim to build on this success and make BridgeIP™ a scalable and transformative litigation case management solution for all litigation teams.

LitAgility’s clients will benefit from this combination through enhanced products, solutions, and services, as well as from expanded capabilities and efficiencies across our united efforts. We are excited by what we have to offer them:

  • Innovative Suite of “Intelligent Assistant” Modules: We will be launching a new suite of applications in 2022 with AI/ML to help clients efficiently identify, extract and manage evidence.
  • An Expanded Portfolio of Services: Combining our complementary software and service offerings means we can support LitAgility’s clients throughout the life cycle of a trial, from initial investigation to the courtroom, seamlessly with software applications and just-in-time services. These offerings will significantly enhance litigation workflow and make life easier for trial teams working on these cases.
  • New Look, New Features, Better Performance: BridgeIP is undergoing a new look and enhanced feature set. By combining our capabilities in software development and an intimate understanding of IP litigation workflow, the new version includes an improved user experience and features that further address the needs of attorneys working on and managing IP litigation, especially in the initial stages of the case. BridgeIP will interface with our other suite of products to benefit both single parties and joint defense groups.

Both LitAgility’s and SciTech Patent Art’s values are rooted in client service. We will continue to provide products and services aligned with these roots through this partnership. We look forward to an opportunity to meet with you in the coming year and share our excitement and plans.

Larry Collins
President, LitAgility Inc.

Srin Achanta, PhD.
Managing Director, SciTech Patent Art (P) Ltd.

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