An internationally recognized leader in software engineering, Medvidović is Director Emeritus of the Center for Systems and Software Engineering and is a Professor in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern California.

Neno Medvidović’ s deep knowledge software development, modeling, and analysis coupled with his experience as a testifying expert in patent litigation cases will provide immediate benefits to the LitAgility team,” stated Larry Collins, LitAgility’s president.

Amongst his many academic distinctions, in 2020, Medvidović received the Most Influential Paper Award at the 15th International Symposium on Software Engineering for Adaptive and Self-Managing Systems (SEAMS 2020) for a 2007 paper titled “An architectural style for solving computationally intensive problems on large networks.” The paper tackled a long-standing problem: keeping data confidential while performing computations on large, distributed systems, such as cloud computing networks.

“Human-Centered AI is entering a point of real progress toward reducing risk, improving outcomes and workflow efficiency. I am excited to join the LitAgility team in this journey to help the patent litigation community” said Medvidović.

LitAgility provides software and services to help patent litigators manage work on their cases and accomplish tasks faster, more thoroughly, and with better outcomes. By taking advantage of the latest Attorney-Centered AI-based technologies and insights into attorney workflows, LitAgility helps make a litigating attorney’s job easier.

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