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We believe it should be easier to reduce risk, improve outcomes and make life easier for everyone on the litigation team.

Solutions that provide a strategic advantage and transform evidence management using a courtroom format

Solutions that provide a strategic advantage and transform evidence management using a courtroom format

Using LitAgility, patent litigation attorneys can access software & services that make their jobs easier and more efficient. As a result, strategic and daily decisions can be made based on the full evidence record. This improves transparency, reduces time-consuming repetitive tasks and unnecessary work.

Pre-suit and throughout each stage of a case, our solutions help teams identify, analyze, organize, and manage evidence to improve outcomes.

LitAgility provides litigation teams with customizable evidence discovery and management solutions that improve client service while making everyday tasks easier. Our solutions are designed, not adapted, for patent litigation.

Our software, BridgeIndex and BridgeIP, increases transparency, reduces risk, and allows litigation teams to meet or exceed client expectations. Patent litigators can easily evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their evidence with software specifically designed for their needs and unique workflows.

The LitAgility Advantage


Our Solutions


A digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence that accelerates the process of identifying, extracting and charting evidence as well as streamlines document review.

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Case evaluation, strategy and evidence management platform simplifies loading, organizing, annotating, and managing patent litigation evidence. In a few clicks, evidence can be exported to standard chart templates.

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Utilize LitAgility’s Deep Web search capabilities to support your venue choice. In addition to the location of relevant fact witnesses, obtain a detailed dossier of documented contributions (patents, conference papers, presentations, etc.) to the technology/product in question.

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Utilize LitAgility’s Deep Web search capabilities and subject-matter experts to conduct comprehensive web searches and provide preliminary claim charts in the BridgeINDEX™ platform. Charts can be easily refined, annotated, and exported to common formats or imported into BridgeIP

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LitAgility’s Prior Art searches are performed by subject-matter experts with over 15 years’ search experience. Searches are conducted in patent and non-patent databases. Projects are conducted consultatively with the litigation team. Results are reviewed, and based on input, searches are refined and re-done to ensure no relevant art is missed.

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LitAgility’s business partner CaseSight Inc. has over 25 years of experience in supporting patent litigation teams at hearings and trials. Click here to learn more.

Secure Evidence Analysis & Case Management in the Cloud

AES 256-bit Encryption

Application data is encrypted during transport using AES 256-bit encryption.

World Class Protection

We utilize best practices for encrypted data to ensure secure management.

Azure Active Directory

The application uses user authentication and role-based access management in the cloud.

Data from each LitAgility BridgeINDEXᵀᴹ and BridgeIPᵀᴹ project or case is stored in separate and secure Azure cloud environments. Azure uses some of the most rigorous security and compliance standards globally, adhering to security controls for ISO 27001, ISO 27018, SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, FedRAMP, HITRUST, MTCS, IRAP, and ENS.

Client Feedback


My teams have used earlier versions on multiple cases and we are currently using the newest one. It’s a great platform to manage my cases, my teams, and communicate with my clients.

– Jeffrey Gargano
Trial Lawyer, K&L Gates

– Jeffrey Gargano

It’s a great tool. We’ve used it to evaluate the strength of cases before filing, to manage ongoing litigation and to quickly ramp up on patented technology and potential infringement issues to favorably settle cases, avoiding litigation.

– Josepth Reagan
Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Baxter Healthcare

– Joseph Reagen

I worked with the LitAgility team and used their software on all my cases, big and small, for the last five years before I retired. I’m big on process, organization, early preparation and full transparency within my team, and my client. LitAgility’s software helped me do that.

– Dave Dolkas
Trial Lawyer (Retd.), Frmr. Head of IP, McDermott Will & Henry, Author

– Dave Dolkas

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